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Personal data processing records
Costarose marine d.o.o.identified all filing systems containing personal data of data subjects. 
The description of an individual filing system for personal data (i.e. processing record) includes the following:
  • Legal basis for processing personal data;
  • Category of data subjects to whom personal data relate;
  • Categories of personal data in the filing system;
  • Purpose of processing;
  • Duration of storage of personal data;
  • Whether personal data are transferred to a third country or international organisation, where to, whom to, and the legal grounds for any such transfer;
  • General description of personal data protection:
    1. Filing systems in physical forms and rooms in which personal data from the filing system are located;
    2. Transfers of personal data between filing systems (interfaces);
    3. Filing system owners and persons with user rights for working positions that have access to data;
    4. Contractual processors of personal data;
    5. Transmission records;
    6. Description of technical and organisational precautions.