Замовте зараз & прейскурант Book Now

Замовте зараз & прейскурант Book Now

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Invitation to exclusive luxury sailing experience around Europe
5 countries, dedicated skipper, onboard hostess and an adventure of your life...
Starting in May 2015, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to join us along the way. Take a step to join us and endulge yourself in absolute luxury with unforgettable memories.
Join us from one of the 144 marinas on the itinerary!  Simply contact our booking concierge.
“A few days of sailing later a beautiful fire concert awakens your senses as
you drift peacefully through the night, amazed by the always unique - Stromboli. As we encircle Sicily and Malta, we soon enter the Adriatic Sea and with it, Dubrovnik is never too far on the horizon. Your imagination has become your reality. Welcome.”
  • Custom built exclusive luxury sailboat, featuring innovative Judel & Vrolijk design
  • Bose Sound System, Playstation 4, 4+1cabin with LCD TV and iPhone docking stations
  • Dedicated wine cellar, washing and drying machine, airconditioning and heating systems
For date reservations, terms and additional information please call: +385 911 622 000
The number of places is limited, check Itineray details for more information.